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You may anticipate unrivaled levels of productivity, adaptability, and financial return when you work with concrete contractors in Hattiesburg, MS. As a concrete contractor offering the full range of services, we have perfected our capacity to provide excellent value on jobs of any scale or degree of difficulty. If you choose to work with us, you won’t simply be collaborating with Concrete Services; rather, you’ll be working with a partner who has both the art and the science of concrete perfected. We have experience working on everything from concrete home foundations to complicated architectural walls, from working with high-tech mix designs to pouring slabs underwater, and we have done it all successfully in the past.

Top-notch concrete contractors in Hattiesburg, MS

Concrete that has been properly finished not only looks wonderful in and of itself, but it also makes the property in which it is installed appear amazing. On the other side, concrete that has been improperly placed or finished may have a terrible appearance and can be very expensive to remove and redo. When you give local concrete contractors a call, you can have peace of mind knowing that the prices of the concrete services we provide will be the most affordable and that the concrete we install will be of the highest quality. 

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You are very proud of your house or your place of work. The way it appears symbolizes you just as much as any other aspect of who you are. When it comes to any of your concrete requirements, you can anticipate the same level of excellence from Concrete Hattiesburg that you get from the job that you accomplish consistently. Small-job concrete contractors can work on both residential and commercial properties.

Our enthusiasm shines through in our work. We like to think of ourselves as craftsmen practicing our “craft” of placing concrete rather than as simple contractors who are contracted to carry out a task. You can be certain that the pride, passion, and pursuit of excellence that we have for concrete will be reflected in the completed job that we produce for you, so you don’t have to worry about that. 


Professional concrete Service at Hattiesburg

Residential concrete contractors’ work takes unique skills, and regardless of the size of the impending project, you will need the assistance of a concrete specialist who is familiar with the nuances involved in the process. Concrete Resurfacing, Inc. will be able to assist you with this. Our concrete contractors in Hattiesburg, MS that are licensed and insured have the expertise necessary to finish your task in a secure and timely manner.

To ensure that your project is completed without a hitch, the concrete service professionals here at Concrete Hattiesburg are well-versed in the zoning rules and criteria that must be met. When you collaborate with a concrete company, we will handle every step of the process, from the very beginning to the very end. All you need to do is define what it is that you’re searching for, and we’ll give you concrete work that is both reasonable and of high quality. You, as a customer, will also be able to take advantage of our: 

  • Reasonable prices; 
  • Accurate on-site work estimates; 
  • Dependable project managers and employees;

To remedy faults in a variety of concrete surfaces, our highly skilled commercial concrete contractors employ professional procedures and quality materials. If you have concrete that is broken and you need assistance repairing it, you can turn your job off to the professionals at Concrete Hattiesburg, who provide a concrete repair service. You don’t need to spend a lot on new concrete since we provide concrete services like Concrete DrivewayConcrete Patio and Stamped Concrete around the Hattiesburg, MS Area, including people just like you.

Concrete Work of the Highest Quality, Without Compromise

The finished product is not the only factor that determines quality. It is so fundamental to our concrete work that the whole building process revolves around it. Our meticulous processes always lead to excellent craftsmanship, whether we are constructing a floor that is perfectly level, a tank that will not leak water, or prominent architectural elements. The individuals whose lives are touched by the buildings we construct will feel the effects of those buildings in the actual world. 

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To ensure that they are up to the greatest standards of excellence, careful preparation, unwavering honesty, and a desire to consistently push both ourselves and each other to better are required. Our executive team is aware of the requirements necessary to deliver. They are committed to delivering excellent results for our customers and providing our employees with opportunities that are unparalleled in the field of concrete construction.

Dedicated to the practice of sustainable concrete work

Concrete Hattiesburg is aware that our contributions will continue to shape the environment long after our current initiatives have been completed. We want to leave a legacy that is a testament not just to the quality of the work we did, but also to the principles that guided us. Concrete contractors in Hattiesburg, MS promise to do our business in a manner that is respectable and beneficial for our employees, our customers, and the larger community as a whole by using methods of sustainable project management.

Our company-wide Sustainability Task Force is directing us toward achieving our goal of being an industry leader in environmentally responsible building practices. It is the responsibility of the members of the task force to advance our commitment to the preservation of natural resources, the prevention of dangerous circumstances, and the maintenance of the environment in the surrounding area. There is a linear connection between the teams that we construct and the value that is provided to our customers. Concrete Hattiesburg finds that providing our customers with solutions that take into account a wide variety of views including gender, color, ethnicity, culture, ability, skills, and life experience results in solutions that are both more intelligent and innovative. Because of this, we are committed to preserving a workforce that is comprised of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, each of whom believes they are welcomed by our team and who has equal access to possibilities for progress.


Even though concrete is quite long-lasting on its own, there are still several things that can be done to guarantee that it continues to be in excellent condition: During the winter months, you should refrain from using deicing agents. When trying to remove stains, avoid using strong acids. Maintain your concrete by giving it a thorough cleaning and then sealing it so that it is protected from the weather.

It all relies on the temperature of the environment, the kind of cement that was used in the mixture, and the depth of the concrete that was poured. On the other hand, the setting time is around two to three hours, and the curing time is approximately seven days. After then, it will continue to become stronger for the next twenty-eight days.

Because concrete is not flexible, it is prone to break when subjected to circumstances of freezing and thawing. This is quite normal, and the strength of the concrete will not be negatively affected by the minor fractures that have appeared. Either by installing “joints” in the affected region or by incorporating a fibrous substance into it, these cracks may be patched up.

About Hattiesburg, MS

It is believed that the Pascagoula and Hattiesburg formation dates back to the Miocene era, and the city of Hattiesburg is located on an outcrop of this formation. The majority of the city may be found in Forrest County, however, a portion of it also extends into Lamar County to the west. It is a city in the state of Mississippi in the United States. The winters in Hattiesburg are relatively moderate, while the city has hot and humid summers. Hattiesburg has a humid subtropical climate. It is the location of numerous national corporate branches, which together are responsible for the maintenance of thousands of employees across the Pine Belt.

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